10 Bad Internet behaviors and how to fix them

Many of us click on unknown or strange links and ignore the consequences of this bad internet behavior. We open some fake links for additional coupons, continue to use the same password and code for multiple accounts, and use the public WLAN to access the online bank accounts access and agree to the terms and conditions without reading them.These bad Internet behaviors should be stopped immediately as they can cause some serious problems and threats in your personal life.

Below are some of the bad internet behaviors that you should replace with good ones

Use public WLAN for bank accounts

This is shocking as we all like to use public, free Wi-Fi.These public wireless networks generally do not provide adequate protection, making their consumers vulnerable to attacks and other malicious methods to retrieve the data from attackers and hackers.

Don’t check confidential information while on public WiFi, especially if it’s related to your work or income.If you need to access your online banking accounts via public WLAN, always use a Virtual Private Network service.

Use the same password for each account

Most people hate remembering the password for different accounts, so keep it simple and the same.If a hacker somehow has your password, which you use for all logins, he can easily access all your private information and online banking accounts.Always create a secure and unique password for various bank and online accounts.

Always use a secure password for your mailing account so that you can change those passwords within minutes if someone accesses your online account password by signing in to your mailing account.

Import antivirus updates

Most people find software updates irritating when they pop up because they do not have time to process the updates.In general, press the “Move” option to come back later.But you never do that.

You can ward off any attacks on your devices by updating the antivirus / malware software.All updates provide more security, so upgrading the antivirus software provides more protection than the previous version.You can also use the installation option for automatic updates in the software.

Use of HTTP Sites

When using the Internet, always pay attention to the page address of a website.HTTP in the address prefix means that your link is not secure and the snoopers can access the information that you are sharing with this site.This is especially risky if you need to share some personal information for online payments.

SSL-encrypted connections provide more security against hackers, and these SSL-encrypted connections are displayed by HTTPS.

Click on the strange links16. Opening the unnatural links received from some random emails can certainly bring malware and viruses to your device as it is one of the hacker most popular tools for spreading the virus.This is called phishing.Phishing emails are designed to encourage users to visit a fake website.Never click on this link, which you do not know and which you received from an unknown e-mail.

With a weak Wi-Fi password

They could easily be hacked if you do not have a secure password for your home Wi-Fi.When cybercriminals hack your system, they can spy on you and collect your personal information.

Strong WiFi can be created by using different words and forming a sentence.It’s easy to remember a phrase as a password, and no one can guess that sentence.A secure password can help you against hackers and your neighbors may not be able to use your Wi-Fi service.

Agreeing to Terms and Policies of Software

Often, when installing software or apps, click “Agree”.If you read these terms of use, this can be very helpful as you get the right information about the software.22. Most programs and apps use your private information such as phone record, gallery, call log, and more. This software may also install additional software after you have approved it.You can add malware, Trojans, and viruses to your device, which is alarming.

Installation of many browser extensions and plugins

There are hundreds of extensions that are supposed to make for a better surfing experience.Using more plugins and extensions is more risky, as all information such as browsing history, online activity, and personal information can be easily extracted.You can also transfer malware and viruses to your device.

Always install plugins and extensions after thorough research and only use those that support you in your daily online activities.Some of the extensions are useful for everyday tasks, but do not install the plugins that are unusable.Also, read the reviews and comments from various users about this plugin or extension before you install it.

Not use VPN

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service can help you against cybercriminals and hackers because VPN hides the IP address so no one can access your private information. Hackers can steal the data of banking accounts and transaction history, but a VPN encrypts all of your data.

RitaVPN is one of the most trusted VPN services which provide you the best security against hackers and digital criminals. The latest and advanced security features of this app protect you from malware, scammers, and annoying and strange ads. While using public wifi, you must use the RitaVPN service because you are more vulnerable to security threats at that time because hacker scan easily accesses your data while being at the same network.

Using Cloud to Save Files

Storing your data to the cloud does not provide you full security against hackers. Your files are never secure there because these data companies can access and use your data. Your data is also exposed to Data breaches and cyber-attacks. Encrypting your data before uploading is a better way to secure the data.

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