How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

If I had to make a list of the top websites to collect your data, invade your privacy and put you at risk while on the Internet Facebook would definitely be in the top 5, if not the top 3, right after Google and Amazon. They can’t help but do it, it is what they are all about; tracking people’s use of the Internet in order to provide an enhanced, streamlined, personalized experience unlike any other on the net. Facebook, in particular, is a notorious collector of data that has tailored the entire experience to the creation, collection and analysis of who we are and what we do while using the web.

Think about it, the very act of opening an account with Facebook or any other social media involves giving up your info, creating a profile, and then filling it with all the pertinent information about yourself that you can. It’s naive to think it’s not getting collected, however innocently and with “your best interests” in mind, and irresponsible to do nothing about it. The risks are myriad and not limited to collection and possible loss of data. Social media provides an inroad for hackers and black-hats of all varieties, and works hard to keep their target markets engaged and using the site day after day.

While it is clear that Facebook and social media pose many risks for Internet users it is equally clear that Internet users are not likely to quit social media. This means each and every user needs to embrace social media security and that is a two-pronged attack. The first prong is to use the best and most secure methods of accessing the Internet. This means firewalls, anti-virus protection and a VPN service to ensure device and connection safety. The second prong is to use social media best practices which means adjusting your account settings for maximum privacy, limiting your “friends” to people you actually know and want to be in contact with, and limiting the content you like, follow and share.

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