How to use a guest network

The first thing your guests which come to your home the first time will ask is probably“What is the Wi-Fi password?”. And you alway be kind to give your password out. However, there is a risk when you give out your Wi-Fi password. Here is when a guest network come to work.

What’s a network of guests?

You may sometimes notice the word “guest” in the SSID when you connect to Wi-Fi in a public place. That network of guests is a separate router access point. It creates an isolated network not interfering with any internal networks carrying sensitive data. By creating a separate network and password, you avoid disclosing and exposing your main network’s password.

How to set up a guest network

While different routers may have different tools or methods, allowing a guest network is usually pretty easy. They are even supported by some routers by default. Just make sure that this feature is supported by your router. If not, we strongly recommend that you get one.

You can access your router settings by typing the IP of your router in the browser field to allow a guest network. Log in and search for a section to enable Wi-Fi for the guest and turn it on. Based on your router’s brand, it may have different names. If you can’t find it, check the manual for your device.

You can also adjust your guest network parameters in the router’s control panel. Here are our recommendations:

  • Use the WPA2 network authentication method so that traffic would be encrypted and protected from potential interceptors. Make sure you have a router, which supports it;
  • Make sure only the right types of users can access your network data by adjusting its settings. Some routers have additional check boxes in their panels, that allows guest users to access primary network or router’s settings. Make sure they are disabled;
  • Set a strong password to access your router so only you can access it and change its settings;
  • Always test the guest network yourself to see whether it works properly;
  • Set the right load balance so that your main network doesn’t get overloaded, especially when multiple users connect at the same time;
  • Don’t let people you don’t trust access your Wi-Fi.

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